Student Support
Because students are more than a test score
Parental Engagement and Involvement
Parents are a child's first teacher
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Making a difference together for every child in our schools
Community Transformation and Involvement
Educating the future of all children
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The art of teaching is the art if assisting discovery
Learning Through the Arts
Because Music and Art is more than a test score



“As a university professor my philosophy in education is to have the determination and commitment to provide high quality education through a challenging curriculum that emphasizes a critical and creative thinking/learning environment in which all students can excel.“

Student Support
"Because students are more than a test score"

There are many factors that will motivate, support and engage student learning in classrooms. External factors varying from socio-economic, school structure, home environment to issues relating to safety may impede on learning. However, a very critical factor in learning is the student's willingness to learn. When there is eagerness, motivation and goal setting, learning becomes likelihood. Our current system encourages a teaching method by repeating information mechanically and does not teach subjects for purposes of retaining information.

School curriculum that promotes a critical thinking style of teaching is vital for student academic success. Rather than memorizing subject matters through lecture style format, a system that is designed to require students to critically analyze and deduce answers will institute understanding through the process of a discussion format in classrooms. The Social Studies, Science, and reading curriculum can be a foundation for the writing assignments and discussion.

As your school board member I will support programs that will:

Create classroom teaching environments where children can develop critical thinking skills.

Provide enrichment activities and opportunities to motivate and challenge our students.

Implement transition links to Community Colleges and Vocational Training programs that will expose students to careers in Criminal Justice, Graphic Design and Entrepreneurship. We also need to teach e skills in Money Management and the tools to start a new business.

Build a network of support for students and parents. Develop Mentorship and Peer-to-Peer Programs

Provide a hostile-free environment for all students where bullying is addressed and not tolerated especially through texting and other social media.

Develop Computer Proficiency Program. It is estimated that over 70 percent of future jobs will require the competency in the use of computers. We all know that when our children graduate they will need to use computers in almost any profession they choose. If they decide to become a lawyer, a mechanic, or a farmer, they will need computer skills. The sooner they are exposed to computers and given regular practice, the more proficient they will be.


Paid for by the committee to elect Paul Naccachian to Azusa Unified School Board 2013, ID# 1341244