Student Support
Because students are more than a test score
Parental Engagement and Involvement
Parents are a child's first teacher
School Environment/
and the Principal's Role

Making a difference together for every child in our schools
Community Transformation and Involvement
Educating the future of all children
Teacher Support
The art of teaching is the art if assisting discovery
Learning Through the Arts
Because Music and Art is more than a test score



“As a university professor my philosophy in education is to have the determination and commitment to provide high quality education through a challenging curriculum that emphasizes a critical and creative thinking/learning environment in which all students can excel.“

School Environment and the Principal's Role
"Making a difference together for every child in our schools"

A healthy school culture and school environment begins with the Principal.
A Principal has the task to motivate in creating a good school environment that is expected, respected and rewarded. It is the job of the Principal to make sure there is a clear goal setting and expectations from administration, teachers and students.

Students live up-to or down-to our expectations. Their chance for success in learning is heavily influenced by the school environment. A school that has a high standard of achievement in academic performance is one that has well-defined goals that all members of the schools respect, value and promote.

As your school board member I will make sure that:

Principals have the resources to develop an infrastructure to support teacher-leadership roles.

We transform school leadership by creating opportunities for teachers to lead.

We build professional-learning communities.

We provide quality, results- driven professional development.

We celebrate innovation and teacher expertise

Schools can also encourage parents to:

Maintain family time to discuss and share common activities.

Re-enforce the importance of education by encouraging homework and reading in order to expand learning from classroom to home and beyond.

Enforce consistent rules that help their children to understand the relationship between independence and responsibility.


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