Student Support
Because students are more than a test score
Parental Engagement and Involvement
Parents are a child's first teacher
School Environment/
and the Principal's Role

Making a difference together for every child in our schools
Community Transformation and Involvement
Educating the future of all children
Teacher Support
The art of teaching is the art if assisting discovery
Learning Through the Arts
Because Music and Art is more than a test score



“As a university professor my philosophy in education is to have the determination and commitment to provide high quality education through a challenging curriculum that emphasizes a critical and creative thinking/learning environment in which all students can excel.“

Community Transformation and Involvement
"Educating the future of all children"

Many polls and surveys indicate that Americans identify education to be one of the top leading domestic issues. Specifically, the concern is not only reforming public schools but achieving academic success for all students. Azusa is no exception to this challenge and the need for community transformation.
The world today is fast changing and highly technological. Staying competitive in our own communities require the collaboration of various stakeholders locally. According to educational experts reaching this goal will require increased cooperation among the schools themselves and a new kind of collaboration with the families and communities served by the schools.
In order to have an effective result and improve public education, the school's traditional role should be expanded to include a mutually interdependent relationship among home, school, and community.

I will advocate for creating the following:

Build open communication between the School Board and the community. The purpose is not to simply report what the School Board is doing but rather engage the community to be involved in various outreach programs.

Create a list of available programs to make appropriate referrals to other relevant services/agencies locally and in the region. Place students in various industries in which they can benefit from internship to job placement.

After School Activities. Explore the implementation of quality after-school activities to provide students with additional academic support and other social activities. Activities that encourage learning include money management, independent living, problem-solving, banking, budgeting, shopping, communication, community access, travel exploration, self-advocacy, and social skills

Implement "Adopt a School" program with local businesses. This program will be an outreach to work with business leaders, the Chamber of Commerce and industry leaders in order to create a transition to life after high school. This will help build independence and quality of life.

Encourage the District to buy locally




Paid for by the committee to elect Paul Naccachian to Azusa Unified School Board 2013, ID# 1341244