Student Support
Because students are more than a test score
Parental Engagement and Involvement
Parents are a child's first teacher
School Environment/
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Making a difference together for every child in our schools
Community Transformation and Involvement
Educating the future of all children
Teacher Support
The art of teaching is the art if assisting discovery
Learning Through the Arts
Because Music and Art is more than a test score



“As a university professor my philosophy in education is to have the determination and commitment to provide high quality education through a challenging curriculum that emphasizes a critical and creative thinking/learning environment in which all students can excel.“

Why Am I Running?
“To provide outstanding learning opportunities for our students”

Dear Azusa Voter,

I am running for the Azusa Unified School Board (AUSD) because I believe that improving public education is the most important job in our country today and the success of every community depends on the excellence of its public schools. As a decision-maker who cares about educational achievements of our students and the future of Azusa, I am prepared to face the challenges in creating an atmosphere that emphasizes communication and collaboration. As your new School Board Member I will fight to ensure that our children obtain the best education possible to prepare them for success in the 21st Century workplace.

I believe that an excellent public education is an essential right not just for preparing students for college but to gain access to programs that fully prepare them for their transition to successful careers. To accomplish this goal within current budgetary constraints there is a need for a new perspective and a fresh outlook on our School Board to transition our good school system into a great one.

As a decision maker, I will be proactive with all the stakeholders community wide. I will utilize creative means to work with everyone and engage with teachers in the process of implementing curriculum that speaks to the issues that our students face today.

My vision includes studies in Music, Economics, Social Sciences, Instructional School Gardens, International Affairs and the Arts. The interconnected nature of our world today makes it relevant to have an in depth instruction and understanding of all these fields while creating learning opportunities that will ignite passion and motivation from the school community to the neighborhood, city, state, national and global communities.

As a business owner and community volunteer for the past 25 years I understand that the District has an obligation to be efficient and transparent. I am prepared to make difficult decisions in order to continue to meet the needs of our students while bearing in mind our revenue base.

The Board must make wise decisions about allocating scarce resources and must also look for new revenues and new ways to deliver services including the building of the NEW Rosedale school. Please take the time to review my platform and don't forget to VOTE for PAUL on November 5, 2013

Thank you


Paid for by the committee to elect Paul Naccachian to Azusa Unified School Board 2013, ID# 1341244